GMAA - GM Architectes Associés

Founded in 1990, GM Architectes Associés (GMAA) is managed by five partners and has a highly motivated team of more than thirty architects based in Geneva, Paris and Rhône-Alpes.

GMAA is active in a wide range of fields, including new architectures, renovations, interior refurbishments and design, urban planning and landscape architecture.

Our team welcomes with enthusiasm every new challenge. For each specific project, great importance is given to a continued research of innovative solutions to allow the synthesis of environmental, legal, financial and technical requirements.

Furthermore, all of our projects take into account human relationships and the way in which residents and users will be able to grasp the building.

Throughout each project our clients (private, corporate or public institutions) are our partners. An important part of our job is to listen to them, understand and discuss their expectations and collaborate with them at each step of the project. There is no pre-established solution, but a process based on common understanding and shared points of view.

Our objective is not only the quality of our architectural work and its aesthetics, but also its sustainability. Our projects are more and more integrating the latest building and technical benchmarks which allow us to obtain special certifications (Minergie, Breeam, …)


  • Christophe Ganz
  • Antoine Muller
  • Tiziano Borghini
  • Mouktar Ferroudj


  • Adrien Zannoni
  • Alexandre Nicolas
  • Agathe Studer
  • Anaïs Lacroix
  • Andrew Dadds
  • Anna Bellinvia
  • Anne Steullet
  • Aude Saxod
  • Béatrice Darras
  • Bérénice Aubry
  • Brice Rosaye
  • Catherine Bueche-Schuler
  • Charline Dumurger
  • Chiara Pace
  • Cindy Dussetier
  • Clément Besnault
  • Delphine Hallemans
  • Dora Pitarch
  • Edouard Damary
  • Fanny Dupanloup
  • Fata Alic-Mustafic
  • Francisco J. Cameselle Molares
  • Isidro Vargas
  • Jacopo Josiah Mazzucchelli
  • Jean-Gabriel Rey
  • Juan José Acero Álvarez
  • Julie Jansen
  • Kévin Raisin
  • Marie Clapot
  • Maryam Gharebaghi
  • Maxime Pernet
  • Lisa Castagnino
  • Lucas Joliet
  • Oleksandr Musiienko
  • Sabrina Pires
  • Santiago Deive Egido
  • Sonnur Solmaz
  • Sophie Geoffray
  • Thomas Flessati
  • Stéphane Guex
  • Thomas Denarié
  • Virginie Ganz
  • Yasenaz Basefat